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The Babraham Bioinformatics group has been processing next-generation sequencing data since the first high throughput machines came online. Quality control has always been at the forefront of their work, leading to the release of a number of tools such as FastQC. In addition to tools the group runs workshops and gives lectures on the topic. QC Fail is a natural extension to this work, aiming to share common (and not so common) modes of error encountered when processing data.

The QC Fail website was written by Babraham alumnus Philip Ewels (now working at SciLifeLab in Stockholm, Sweden). Simon Andrews and other members members of the Babraham Bioinformatics group are behind the content. Initially starting with posts about next generation sequencing, we hope that the site grows to a network covering different fields in biology. After all, everyone has seen some fails in their time!

Simon Andrews 19 articles

I am the head of the Babraham Bioinformatics group. We provide commerical and academic bioinformatics services as well as manging the data pipeline for the Babraham sequencing service.

My group develops several software packages for processing high throughput sequence data including FastQC, BamQC, SeqMonk, Bismark and HiCUP.

Bioinformatics group, The Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK

bioinformatics.babraham.ac.uk Skype Twitter

Felix Krueger 4 articles

I work as part of the Bioinformatics Group at the Babraham to provide service to researchers at the institute and beyond. I have been involved in custom solution and tool development (e.g. Bismark, Trim Galore, SNPsplit, Sherman etc.) and over the years we have seen many fails... I hope I can contribute some of them to this epic page of fail!

Bioinformatics Group, The Babraham Institute, Cambridge, United Kingdom

bioinformatics.babraham.ac.uk Twitter Google Scholar ORCiD

Steven Wingett 2 articles

Steven joined the Babraham Bioinformatics group in April 2011. He has an undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Bath and a DPhil in plant reproductive biology from the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford. After completing his postgraduate degree, he worked in the information industry for several years.

Bioinformatics group, The Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK


Phil Ewels 0 articles

I am a postdoctoral bioinformatician working at the Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm interested in epigenetics, systems biology and science communication. I created the QC Fail websites.

National Genomics Infrastructure, Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm, Sweden

phil.ewels.co.uk scilifelab.se Twitter LinkedIn Research Gate ORCiD