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SRA Downloader

Function This program provides an easy way to download the raw sequence data associated with a GEO or SRA study
Language Python
Requirements A copy of the SRAToolkit is required for downloading from NCBI. This is not required if you just download from EBI.
Code Maturity Stable but under active development
Code Released Yes, under GNU GPL v3 or later.
Initial Contact Simon Andrews

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SRA downloader is a program which makes it easy to download raw sequence data from the GEO or SRA databases. It allows you to use the SRA run selector (available from any GEO page) to pick which samples from a study you want, and then download a config file which you can feed to SRA downloader. It will then retreive the raw data for those entries and save it under a descriptive name which allows you to work with it easily.

More complete instructions on using the program can be found on the project's github page