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Function Sierra is a web based LIMS system, suitable for small sequencing facilities.
Language Perl
Requirements A suitable web server (apache config files are included)
A MySQL server
A few publicly available Perl modules:
  • HTML::Template
  • CGI::Session
  • DBI and DBD::mysql
  • Mail::Sendmail
  • Date::Calc
  • XML::Simple
Code Maturity Beta - Being used in production, but still under active development
Code Released Yes, under GPL v3 or later.
Initial Contact Simon Andrews

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Sierra is a web based system which can be used to track samples and distribute results within a small sequencing facility.

The system is designed to be fairly lightweight and can be installed and configured in around 15 mins. It is designed with the needs of a small to medium sized facility in mind - something with 1-5 sequencers and 10-200 users.

The system provides facilities for:

Sample metadata is stored within a mysql database. Sequencing results are taken from a standard set of run folders. Code is included which can extract relevant results and files from a collection of Illumina run folders, and it would be possible to extend this to other technologies.