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Function A web based tool to manage and automate the processing of publicly available datasets.
Language PHP, MySQL, Javascript
Requirements A suitable web server with PHP installed (apache config files are included)
A MySQL server
Code Maturity Beta - Being used in production, but still under active development.
Code Released Yes, under GPL v3 or later.
Initial Contact Phil Ewels

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Screenshot of Labrador

End-User Usage Tutorial
Screencast showing basic usage of Labrador

Administration Tutorial
Screencast showing administrative use of Labrador

Installation Walkthrough
Screencast of installing Apache, PHP, MySQL and Labrador on a blank server

Labrador is a web based tool to manage projects and automate the processing of publicly available datasets.

Researchers can use Labrador to:

Bioinformaticians can use Labrador to:

Project metadata is stored within a mysql database. Code is provided with some example analysis script pipelines which can be easily modified to work with existing workflows. This analysis script generation can help to standardise in-house processing and streamline pipelines.


The Labrador documentation is available online and comes bundled with Labrador.