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Function FRETSaw is a program which calculates a colourised FRET image from either two TIFF files or a 2 channel OIB file.
Language Java (>=v1.5)
Requirements ImageJ (included) and BioFormats (included)
Code Maturity Stable - is being used, but feedback is appreciated
Code Released Yes, under GPL v3 or later.
Initial Contact Simon Andrews

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FRETSaw is an image viewer designed to view pairs of images from FRET experiments.

In addition to displaying the two FRET channel images side by side the program also calculates a FRET image which is colourised by the ratio of the intensities in the two source images. There are various options for subtracting background and setting ratio ranges as well as the option to save the final combined image.

FRETSaw can take in 8 or 16 bit greyscale images either as TIFFs or as a properly ordered Olympus OIB file.