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Difference Tracker

Function Difference tracker consists of two plugins for ImageJ and is designed to track a large collection of faint objects
Language Java (>=v1.5)
Requirements ImageJ
Code Maturity Beta (has been used for real work, but feedback is appreciated)
Code Released Yes, under GPL v2 or later.
Initial Contact Simon Andrews

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Difference tracker was originally developed to analyse the movement of mitochondria through axons. This type of data features a large number of moving particles which often exhibit low contrast against the background and can move behind stationary objects.

The aim for this kind of data was not to get the most complete track possible for any individual particle, but to collect relevant aggregate statistics for the movie as a whole.

Difference tracker contains two ImageJ plugins. Difference filter extracts the moving parts of an image to enhance the contrast of the motile particles. From there the Mass Particle Tracker tracks this large set of particles and works out a set of statistics for the number, size and rate and direction of movement for the particles.


You can read the Difference Tracker Help for an explanation of the configuration options present in the two plugins.